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Cryo Pain and Inflammation Treatments

Pain and Inflammation treatments trigger the anti-inflammatory norepinephrine, resulting in relieving pain and reducing swelling!

Pain & Inflammation

Need some pain or inflammation relief? Look no further than this option!

Choose between these services:

- Small area

-Large area


Wanting to loose that stubborn belly fat on your core? This option is for you!

Appointment includes these services:

- Stomach

- Side

- "Love Handles"

- Bra Line

- Stretch Mark Reduction


Time to bid farewell to those bumpy problem spots! Say hello to tight, smooth, and healthy skin.

Appointment includes these services:

- Legs (Front and/or Back)

- Slimming

- Cellulite Treatment

Financing Available

Sometimes we need a little help to look our best...not only do we offer those services, but we also offer financing as well!

We feel that everyone should be able to look and feel their best and here is another way we can help!


  • Reduce Inflammation!

  • Reduce Pain!

  • Boost your immune cells!  

Added Perks:

  • No Downtime!

  • Non-Surgical!

  • Non-Invasive!

  • Holistic Approach!

Our Sessions Pave The Path To A Healthier Life

There is no immunity to injuries if you are a sportsman or an athlete. And after an injury, nothing stops inflammation from occurring.

Inflammation happens due to the oedema build-up and the increase in the count of white blood cells in the affected region. Cryo4Life exposes your affected body part to an extremely cold temperature that triggers the anti-inflammatory norepinephrine, resulting in relieving pain and reducing swelling.

Our therapy not only does the above-mentioned but also forces your body to keep your white cells functioning optimally. After taking sessions with us, your immune system will be boosted that will help you fight off tumors and several other swelling conditions.

Keep Your Cool With The Novel CRYO Treatment

Cryo4Life with the help of the state-of-the-art cooling technique covers a lot of the ailments in a very affordable price range.

Rest assured that you are in the hands of professionals who are adept at their jobs.

Let us increase the “stock” of your immune cells with our CRYO sessions. Few minutes and all your issues resolved!

Why Cryo4Life


Holistic Approach

At Cryo4LIfe, we believe that using a holistic approach is key to focusing on you as a person. We use treatments that help nourish your body and soul!


Customized Treatment Plans

Every treatment plan is based solely around you! Every person is different and we want to come alongside of where you are!


Effective Treatments

Our treatments are effective and safe! Our top priority is making you feel comfortable and secure that we are here to walk with you on this journey!


Trained Professionals

We are trained professionals who are dedicated to providing excellent levels of service and care!


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